A g n e t a A n d r é n


Agneta Andrén works with various visual, spatial and pictorial representations. With a background in set stage and theater costume design she has been working with several swedish theaters and opera houses for over 10 years to later continue studying fine art which she later has been working as a freelance artist within.

She has developed several innovative projects for public space by combining painting, video, installation and stage design and for this she has received research funds to create models with futuristic visions of public space and planning of urban environments.

In early 90's she was amongst the first in sweden to create virtual architectural models of historic cities, like the city of Pompeii. In relation to this she created several study programs in 3D design including a course of university degree called "3D animation and artistic creation" at the University of West in Sweden, where she also worked for 8 years as head teacher and lecturer in visual design and art history.

Agneta Andrén has received several state and public missions, among others Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg and the Swedish Road Administration in Bohuslan. She has conducted various Landart project including participating in the land art biennal in the Netherlands.

Working with the medium of painting has come to be the main medium over years, with a colorful and spatial approach. Her works has been shown broadly in Sweden at different galleries, art centras and in the context of group shows and biennals.






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